Table for two

Sometimes you are just excited for meeting a friend you haven’t seen for too long, and sometimes you’re excited to try out a new brunch spot. And then, there’s the perfect day where you get to do both. That’s what happened last week at Eat Street Social. My favorite birthday gorilla and I met for a catch up session, a discussion of the future and a hearty bloody mary.

We were a couple of the first people to sit for brunch. The service was warm and prompt. Our server opened with a tale of woe from her morning, but eventually got our drinks ordered- one regular and one bacon bourbon bloody. Yum! Since I hadn’t eaten here yet, I ordered the benedict. The eggs were perfectly poached, but the hollandaise was a little heavy and a tad bland for my taste. The greens were a nice side to keep it a little lighter.


My compadre ordered the soft eggs and lobster on a croissant. Now that was delicious! We split our dishes, so we got to try a good portion of each.


The winner of the head to head brunch challenge is: the eggs and lobster! It was soft and creamy and just lovely. The bloodies actually came after our food, and we’re almost a side dish themselves. They were handsomely adorned with black salt on the rim, and backed with a delicious snit (dark beer with the bacon bourbon bloody!)


Overall, the conversation and time spent with my girl was better than the food, but we enjoyed it and I look forward to trying more menu items soon. The atmosphere was fun and the place was buzzing when we left around noon.


Here’s hoping Eugene, Oregon’s brunch scene needs a guest bloggist in the next couple years 🙂

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