Breakfast of Champions

Superbowl Sunday brunch at The Lyndale Tap House.  Like a perfectly poached egg, the Giants win with the running game 🙂

Brunch starts off strong with our special guest- Morgan! Whooo! All told, we were 9 strong on Sunday. Lyndale Tap is a pretty good place for larger groups, especially if you aim for a 10:30 start time. No coin tosses were necessary to make my brunch decisions- it was the benedict all the way. They make their own biscuits in house, and they are always great. (see below). The service was on par for what we’re used to- nice servers, but be prepared to wait a little bit for your coffee refill or second bloody. The great thing about brunch is that it is usually kicking off a day of leisure. Or in our case, a brisk walk around the lake. Dressed for the forecast (40 and sunny), although it was more like 28 and cloudy. We didn’t even see Smiley McRunsalot. Hopefully spring will bring him back.

The perfect number
Caleb's burrito. (not an innuendo)
Laura displays her hipster side
Ben Zoolander
Buddy, Flat Hipster Morgan, Real Morgan
C-lyn and Cat ham it up. (get it?!)
Seen outside. Good to know.

One thought on “Breakfast of Champions

  1. as it was my first time at the Tap I was very vary happy with everything. But the Bloody was particularly good even with he rail vodka


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