Rye-t on, almost

Brunch today suffered a few losses to daylight savings time (fist shaking) and family obligations. Luckily, we had some new blood eager to fill in. Well done Ankur! The sun is shining, it’s 60 degrees, and the majority of Twin Citians decided to go to The Lowry for brunch. Dang. No room for Brunchkateers (who didn’t make reservations). No worries. We walked up the block to try out Rye, a new deli spot. It did the trick, save a few quirks. First, when I went to the counter to order, I asked what the meat is in the smoked meat benedict. The answer: oh, it’s smoked meat, like prosciutto. Me: ok so it’s pork? Her: no, it’s beef. Me: ah. So can I get prosciutto? Her: no, we just have the smoked meat. Me: I’ll have the egg and bagel sandwich please.

We ordered a lot of different menu items and all had clean plates. The food is great and fresh. The hollandaise is a little lemony for my taste, but that’s just me. The French toast was universally loved. The house made ketchup was different, and to us tasted like red colored applesauce. Not bad, just different. I prefer my ketchup to call is self fancy on the packet rather than actually be fancy. The bloody Mary’s tasted good, but came in annoyingly skinny glasses and the one cost more than my food. All in all, it was a very nice brunch and of course the company makes any brunch worth remembering to set your clocks right. Eh, hem.









3 thoughts on “Rye-t on, almost

  1. ohhh, all of it looks good – though I have to say I was a bit concerned that bloodies would not be in the picture when you mentioned ordering at the counter. I would pick the salmon and potatoes, thank you very much.


  2. I do believe that the counter guy/gal may have said or meant to say that Smoked meat is like Pastrami, not Prosciutto. It’s pretty similar, ( and they are both made of beef ) and like the poutine it’s from Canada ay. : ) love your photos, they’re fantastic.


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