On the Road…Hilton Head, SC

Some founding Brunchkateer members packed away their winter gear and headed south to the beach. Hilton Head  provided a tropical backdrop to our beachside gin and tonics, paddle ball games, and swimming with dolphins. We did not forget our roots, and provided a lovely brunch for the family before their 12 hour trip back to Virginia with a backseat full of the under-5 crowd, and a trimmed-down 90 pound hound.

We welcomed several new members of the South Carolina branch of Brunchkateers: alligators, Great Blue/Gil Scott Heron, high energy sand child, living bobble head baby, slightly-less-welcome jellyfish, and of course the adult family members who paid for the accommodations.

The bloody marys were delicious-Zing Zang! made with care and probably a little beach sand to add the salty flavor. It was absolutely perfect weather, and a totally relaxing and fun time had by family and friends. There was a perfect balance of over-the-top (waiting in line for the ferry to get to the biggest St. Patty’s Day parade in the WORLD in Savannah), and hours of just sitting and reading on the beach. And maybe a little members-only disco club set up in the beach house.

We’ll see you next year, Hilton Head resort and Mr. ZDENEK BAKALA, neighbor and possible first billion-dollar Brunchkateer!